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The NWIC was established in 2002 with the goal to serve the Muslim community of St. Louis, especially in North St. Louis County.

5 acres of land was purchased in October 2003 and the Masjid construction completed in October 2006. Prior to that Jumah Prayers were held at a rented location until October of 2006.

NWIC Proposed Ladies Musallah


Current Status

Since the completion NWIC has been hosting 5 daily congregational prayers, Jumah congregational prayers, Sunday School / Madrassa, Brothers' & Sisters' Halaqa, Taraweeh Prayers in Ramadan, Show Regional Charities, Daily community Iftar in Ramadan and Eid Prayers. Since April 2009 we had the privilege of nominating full-time Imam for the masjid. Future activities include Summer program for the youth and Regional charities.

The current building is 7680. ft. and can accomodate 500 people and has 208 parking spaces.

◦Weekend school / madrassa

◦Social and religious activities


◦Storage Areas

NWIC Front Elevation

NWIC Front Elevation

NWIC - Site Plan

NWIC Front Elevation

NWIC - Floor Plan

NWIC Front Elevation

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Meet the Team

Board Members

Abdurrahim AdegboyeChairman

Iqbal MusajiVice Chairman

Sohail AlviTreasurer / Secretary

Abdul Razzaque TalukdarMember

Sory Ibrahim DoumbiaMember

Mubeen MahmoodMember


Social Services Community

Iqbal Musaji

Abdurrahim Adegboye

Zia Mahmood

Volunteer Committee

Sohail Alvi

Mohamed Kajamoideen

Mohammed Arshad Ali

Abdul Razzaque Talukdar

Mir Vajahat Ali



Kamaal Hasan

10543 Lackland Road, St. Louis, Missouri - 63114, USA. Phone : 314-427-3900

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